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Up until recently, DVDs have played perfectly fine on my Windows Vista computer. Now though, if I try to play a DVD, all I get is a loud mechanical whirring noise and I am unable to eject the disc. I have tried DVD drive cleaning discs and made sure the DVDs themselves were ok - they will play fine on other computers and have no scratches. I am not sure how to solve this problem as I'm not exactly sure what the reason is for the DVDs not playing.

Do I need a new DVD drive? Is there any way I can repair mine? I was advised to post this here after I posted in the Multimedia section so more people may be able to help me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated :)


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Sounds like the DVD drive has gone bad. Repairing costs more than replacing one. Depending on type, a replacement DVD +/- R/W drive could cost as low as $30.00US.

First question. Is the compuetr under warranty? If it is, contact support for the manufacturer or the place where you bought it. Do not want to do anything that might void any remaining coverage. Run through the steps below, write down the results of each one before you contact them. You can probably either phone or e-mail them. Will include a script below to help you.

What type of computer and make/model?
What is the make and model of the DVD drive?
Does the drive play CD's?
Did this start right after you did any updates?

Do you have a Diagnostics program such as PC Doctor on your computer? Would proably be listed in Programs under PC Help & Tools. If you do, run it and let it check the DVD drive. If it shows the drive failed, it may give an explaination as to why, and if not a hardware problem, might give tips to fix the software. Save the output on your computer as a file.

Could be a Driver problem?
Have you checked Device Manager to see if it shows anything wrong with the drive?
Control Panel, Device Manager, DVD/CD ROM drives.
Write down the name of the DVD drive.
Are there any yellow circles showing? Write down the nme of the DVD drive.
Right click on the name of the drive, then select properties in the popup and see what is under listed under Device status on the General tab.
Select the Driver tab and write down the name, version, and date of the driver.
While you are here click the Update driver button and let the computer look for updated drivers. Update the driver, if it finds any. If there is an update try the drive after it is insatlled.

Another thing would be to completely un install the drive and then reboot and let the computer reinstall it.

What Media program are you running?Make sure the program is set to play DVD's from your DVD drive. Check for any updates.

Information for contacting support by phone or what to put in e-mail.

Make and model of computer. Serial Numbers, Part Numbers, ETC.
This shoud all be on the infromation stickers on your computer.

Where and when purchased. For e-mail scan and include copies of your sales receipt.
If you registered your computer when you bought it they should already have this information.

My DVD drive will not read DVD's. It will/willnot play CDs.

I have updated the DVD drivers.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the DVD Drive.

I ran a diagnostice test using ( name of diagnostics peogram). This is the results.
(For e-mail copy the diagnostics results here. For a phone call you will probably have to read them out)
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