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DVD Burner & AVI

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I burned some cartoon .avi files for my son and it plays ok on the dvd burner and reader dvd but I cannot play it on the DVD/CD vcr player. I used a DVD-R disk and burned it using my plextor burner using the Roxio Easy CD & DVD
creator using the data disk option. The vcr dvd/cd player says that it has "the ability to play back, may depend on recording conditions". DVD-R, DVD+RW, -RWc and CD-RW. Any suggestions? TIA

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Here is a nice resource for you to look at.

They even list most DVD players and users tell what luck they have had playing DVD-R and DVD+R media etc etc etc.

usually experimenting with the Media will lead to finding out which is best for your home DVD players.


1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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