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Dusk Till Dawn.....and 007 NightFire

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Im haveing a problem with the game Dusk Till Dawn and 007 Night Fire,...... It installs fine. THen when you run the game it acts like it wants to start, then jus crashes back to the desktop as if it was never ran. Im having that problem with both games. I bought both games.
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You may need to reinstall the Video Drivers of Possibly get a Video card that supports Direct Draw and 3d graphics. But Im betting new drivers should fix it. Also are the games Compatible with the OS you are using?
Well i have looked for new drivers and i can;t seem to find any, i have a 64 mb geforce2 MX/MX 400, I haven't had any other problems with the card or programs or games except for 007 and dusk till dawn. I am running Windows 98 SE. I have many games, for example...Hitman, Hitman 2, Veitcong, Warcraft, NFS 2, Starwars Jedi Outcast, AOE, AOE2, Max Pane, and others, these are the only two i have troubles with.
I am having a similar problem with nightfire. But I dont get an error message. It just freezes my machine. I'm waiting for an answer from eagames but apparently we have been sold a $20 coaster.
I too have a problem with James Bond: Nightfire

but mine has to do with a

R6025: Pure Virtual Function Call

Thats the error message i got...

make that 2, $20 coasters from ea games

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What kind of hard drive are you running? I am testing something, I might be able to trace mine back to an incompatability with my western digital 20gb wd20bb
Hopefully you are talking to me...

120 Gig WDC WD1200JB-75C RA0
Well im running a maxtor 20 gig Quantum Fireball, If that really equates to much. :)
Ok, I think my hard drive theory just got shot down. I think they just made a crappy game. I had some success with low level formatting my drive and re-installing XP, but the game only worked for a day then it started crapping out again.
Hey, at least you had a theory going there for a while. Im jus Lost. haha thanks anyways. I think that the game is jus not compatible with my video card. I have another card in my computer. Its not as good. but i think i will give it a shot. I'll let you guys know the results.
Ok, here is what I have come up with. When nightfire crashes my PC I reboot and try again. Every 5 or 6 reboots it works. It isn't really a fix, but I get to play the game this way. I told eagames tech support they they were worthless and to bug off. I hope all of you find a way to get it working on your PC's
I also play nightfire, when I run the game it runs fine, but about 50% of the time after about 2 secondes of ANY cinematic, it freezes my comp. I also have noticed my comp freezes in the same way while capture a lot of video. After about 2 hours (time always varies) it freezes. So what the heck is going on??? (AMD 1800+ with s3 graphics card)
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