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Duplicate network problems

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So I have a wireless network with a router in my house, let's call network name "COOLNET" No computer is directly cabled to the router currently, all wireless laptops. I was trying to find a way for the printer hooked up to "LAPTOP1" to be used with "LAPTOP2" and "LAPTOP3" I am inexperienced in this area so what I tried the create wireless network wizard with print file sharing. I did this via USB from "LAPTOP1" then I plugged the USB drive into a printserver we have hooked to the router (wrong step?), then I plugged the usb drive into the printer (blinked but I don't think it read it), then I plugged the usb into the other laptops, then finally back into "LAPTOP1".

Without realizing what I was doing I called the new network "COOLNET" (I'm an Idiot)

Not only is the printer not shared but now the network reads "limited or no connectivity" and cannot connect to the internet

I have to let the wireless adapter programs on each laptop handle the network... then they works fine. But I really want to go back to let windows manage my wireless settings. Apparently I created some sort of duplicate network name problem.

When I go to "View Laptop Setting" just 1 "COOLNET" is listed... but like i said limited. I don't care about the print sharing anymore, if you can help with that then you rule, but my new priority is to turning power of my netork back to windows XP. System restore is not an option because the restore point is too far back on "LAPTOP1" and if I do so then I will lose data on a laptop that s not mine.
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I'm not sure what the real problem is, the network is all working with the 3rd party wireless client, right?

One point that I notice. Don't try to configure a wireless router over a wireless connection, for what I hope are obvious reasons. Connect a machine with a cable for router configuration.

Can't you change the name of the router's SSID and then reconfigure the WZC if that's the way you want to go?
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