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Dual Monitor While Gaming

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So recently I've bought a small samsung tv and used hdmi cable to connect it to my laptop. My question here is that everytime I play games on my main monitor ( laptop), and try to click on a browser or skype on my second monitor, it refreshes by the screens going black and game being minimized on the main monitor. Is this suppose to happen? I hear that some second monitors are suppose to refresh but I believe I saw some people who takes control of the second monitor while main monitor has games on (streamers). It is my first time posting so if there are any more information needed, reply please :D

Also, if this is the wrong section to put in, I will handle it as well.
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Hello honteil,

Welcome to TSG! :up:

FYI, I have contacted a moderator regarding your second posting about this issue. This is considered spam and it will have to either be merged with this thread or deleted entirely.

This site is composed entirely of volunteers and if you do not get a response from someone right away you need to wait at least 24 hours before "bumping" your thread.

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Anyway, down to business.

The behavior you described is normal. I game using two monitors (one for the game and one to monitor other applications with).

While the game is in full-screen, if I have the ability to move my cursor to the second screen (most games have this option disabled due to the obvious inconvenience it causes) and click something, the game will minimize.

If you want the ability to manipulate items on your other screen while gaming, you will need to put the game in window mode so that it is treated like just another window you have open.
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Yea.. I thought there was going to be an issue so I waited for about good 30 minutes and posted another one. I'll be deleting the other post as I send this reply. Thank you for the heads up.
No problem.

Were you able to try my suggestion about window mode with your games?
Well, I just wish there was some bypass for this issue because I would really consider full screen over window mode... But yes it did work in windowed mode thanks for that.
That is just how Windows works (I believe I was mistaken in my earlier post inferring it was the game's fault). In most situations it makes more sense than allowing your cursor to travel off the screen of a full-screen game.

There may be some 3rd party software I'm unaware to override that feature though.

Glad the workaround at least worked for you. :up:
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