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I have a dual boot problem - maybe you can help.

Problem - I cannot get NT to boot on a dual boot system.

Win98 is on the first partition of the first HD (Primary 0) and WinNT is on the first partition of the second HD (Primary 1). Either OS will boot up fine as the first HD.

Win98 was installed on the first HD and once that was completed BootMagic was installed and configured. Once this was working the second HD with a working NT OS was installed. Once rebooted BootMagic detected the NT OS.

When I added NT OS from second HD (Primary 1) this message was displayed.

"Advanced Partitioning Warning!

You are adding and operating system to the menu which is beyond the first hard drive. You may need to enable Advanced Partition Hiding in order for it to boot correctly."

Tried it with "Advanced Partition Hiding" checked.

It boots up fine to W98 in first partition of first HD (Primary 0)

When booting to NT BootMagic comes up fine and then I choose the NT OS.

Next the screen displays
NTDETECT V4.0 Checking Hardware.....
That's it - it stops here. If I reboot it does this again.

I have tried it with and without "Advanced Partition Hiding" checked.

Do you have any idea why NT won't boot up?

Thanks for your assistance,

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I've had a look on NTDETECT and this is what I have found from here:

Build a Windows NT boot disk and use it to continue Setup.

This allows Windows NT to continue and convert the boot partition to NTFS, rendering it bootable.

Its quite detailed, so its best if you look at the link, instead of me posting it all.


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