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DSL Modem

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I am trying to help a mate with his internet problem, the trouble is about after 10 to 20 mins of surfing the connection just freezes, and you can not open web page, get email or update any software, it dead, the only way to sort, is to pull out the usb cord to the modem, and plug it back in, which powers down the modem as it pulls power from the system, or restart, which will reboot modem as well.

I have tried reinstalling and updating modem drivers and resetting internet account, I am beginning to think that the modem is faulty, what do you think. :confused: :confused:


System is clean of nastys
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Have you tried running any of the diagnostic programs listed in the modem's user manual? Do the status LEDs show any abnormal conditions?'s%20Guide_en.pdf

Dr SpeedTouch™
Dr SpeedTouch™ enables you to test your computer and SpeedTouch™ connectivity
via its Diagnostics wizard. The SpeedTouch™ Troubleshoot will report what is wrong
with your connection. For more information about installing and using Dr SpeedTouch™, see "2.1.2 Dr Speed-Touch™" on page 15.

SpeedTouch™ Diagnostics
The Diagnostics tool is installed during the installation of the SpeedTouch™ drivers and
allows you to view specific information on the various layers the SpeedTouch™ uses to
transmit or receive information over the Asymmetric Digital Subscriber Line (ADSL)
link. See "4 SpeedTouch™ Diagnostics" on page 43 for more information.

SpeedTouch™ LEDs
Your SpeedTouch™ is equipped with two LEDs. These indicators indicate the status of
the SpeedTouch™. Checking the SpeedTouch™ status may be a first step in isolating
the problem.
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