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DSL Modem Drops Internet

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Any time we receive a call on the landline & somebody answers or the answering machine picks up, the connectivity will drop. Not a terribly huge deal but I play a lot of online games & they won't stand for it, constantly getting dropped from GTA5 is no fun.

So I had done some research into running a "home run" using a POTS splitter to isolate the data & voice traffic from each other. After some chasing of wires I got it successfully running last night, or for the most part.

Problem is the modem will not get service when connected to the dedicated data line (line 2, black & yellow pair) , though the phone gets a dial tone on both.

To my knowledge the internal network works fine, so I assume it doesn't have any effect on Internet connectivity, the router isn't doing the pppoe side of things (it's an asus RT-66U).

Modem: Comtrend CT-5072T
Suttle Outdoor POTS Splitter
ISP: Snowcrest (local provider) also providing landline
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Do you maybe have the lines reversed at the splitter/filter? The data (modem) line is the unfiltered side.
Just checked it, luckily the wire distance is short, and everything is wired up properly.

I'm wondering if it's an issue with the modem
You wrote "POTS" splitter, but I was reading "DSL" splitter/filter. You did mean DSL splitter/filter, right?

It could be a problem with the modem.
Its an outdoor heavier duty filter, but yeah it does the same thing as the little dongles the isp gave us, splitting the line for phone & modem but near the demarcation point instead of the phone jack inside.

This one to be precise
Sounds like your providers line does NOT support dual services.
Back when we were on dial up and DSL was first coming on line, one had to have a second line (number) for that service and one for the voice phone service.
Tis unfortunate, as that is a huge step in the wrong direction. Glad I didn't go order a modem as I should probably give them a call when I can.
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