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Dropbox + Google Drive + Sugarsync + SkyDrive

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Dropbox: 2B free
Google Drive: 5GB free
Sugarsync: 5GB free
Skydrive: 7GB free

Total: 19GB
This is all the space I need
But... is this asking for trouble?
Will my PC ground to a halt with these programs eating up CPU and memory power?

Bad idea? Just stick to one?
I read that Google Drive takes up loads usage compared to say Dropbox

Looking for opinions


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I use Dropbox and Skydrive on the same computer and phone, no issues with using multiple cloud based storage although if you make changes in all of them at once it will eat up your upload bandwidth/speed while those files are uploaded to all the services. The programs themselves don't seem to use much in terms of resources but I haven't bothered with Google Drive yet.
@triple6, thanks for the reply
only dropbox would have files that changed with any regularity
all others would only be occassionaly changed
i was just concerend that the porgrams would eat memory and cpu - just the because of the fact they were running!???
They do use some, but not much. On my system SkyDrive is using 8.7MB of RAM and DropBox is using 46.8MB of RAM, and neither are registering any CPU usage at the moment; that's next to nothing on a modern system that has several gigabytes of RAM.
What is "loads of usage"? Modern computers don't grind to a halt with a few programs installed. I'm not sure if you're being serious or not or what your real concern is. They're programs. Running 5 of the same type of program doesn't cause some kind of silicon meltdown.
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