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drop-down boxes for Excel

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I need to know how to make drop-down boxes in Excel. I need to be able to choose from a list of about 250 different customer names in each cell. Please let me know if you know anything about creating drop-down boxes, or something similar in Excel.

Thank You
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open excel
click on help
type drop in the search field

seriously, there's a ****load of options and possibilities depending on how you want to do it (and yes, all in the help file)

sounds like a database type of application better than excel
Put your list of customers in a column off to the right of your "form".

In the first cell where you want a dropdown, hit Data-Validation. Choose List. If your customer names are in cells K2 through K252, you can type:


into the box, or you can click the icon at the right end of the box and select the list with the mouse. Once the list cells are selected, hit the icon again.

Hit Ok.
You'll need to copy this cell down as far as you want checkboxes to go.
This is the easiest way to use a dropdown box in Excel. There are two other ways.
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