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Hi .... I am having a problem with a driver thats driving me nuts here .... Every now and then my browser would shut down and restart and i would get a eror saying something about a driver problem ... Is there some where were i can check all my drivers ??? Any help would be greatly apreciated
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Give us your computer specs.. Have you had any encounters with a virus lately that screwed with your files or something?

Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 or IE 5.5?
..and when the error shows up, tell us the exact error message.
Hi ... I am using explorer 6 with service pack 1 ... I have scan my computer with 3 different virus companies as well no virus found ... Oh yes i only have one virus company software install ( pc cillin )
pop the xp cd in and run
sfc /scannow
don't miss the space after the c
Hi again ... Ok i done the scan but afterward whats suppose to happen ??? I mean it did do a scan and all but nothing happen afterward ... Is that normal ???
if it activated the cd it repaired something if it did'nt it found nothing wrong in the windows side of it,did you reboot afterwards and check if the problem had gone?
if the problem is still there check the event viewer in admin tools
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