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driver issues

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Hi there,
I have recently built my own custom PC
(intel i5-4690 / msi gaming 3 motherboard / geforce gtx710 graphics / corsair cs750m psu / corsair vengeance 16gb 2400mhz ddr3 RAM / corsair H110 AIO cpu cooler)

I have managed to build the pc and do the initial install of windows 10 pro. I have installed SOME drivers (not network or usb) however it required me to do a restart almost instantly- which I have done- but now the usb ports no longer work in windows.

I can activate the bios and se the keyboard and mouse in bios system but as soon as I go further into windoows they shut off instantly, I cannot even log in to force safe mode...

any suggestions???

many thanks

(ps- \i know my graphics card currently sucks, I will be upgrading very soon- I only got that one to get the system going/)
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What drivers specifically did you install so far? Did you install something called Chipset?
i'm not entirely sure, but I think I have, I have had to download and install via USB as I have no disc drive 64

out of these drivers I have definitely managed-
  • intel management engine
  • realtek HD audio
  • intel rapid storage technology
This one is your System and Chipset which is the USB drivers as well. They are built into the Chipset.
I cannot physically install it though, the usb ports disengage as soon as windows 10 boots
Ok then I would recommend doing a fresh install then. The VERY FIRST THING TO INSTALL after you install the Windows, is the file I linked. If you DON'T install the chipset drivers FIRST, you will have issues with other drivers and software.
I've just attempted to reinstall windows but the usb issue persists through. My kB and mouse disengage so I cannot select any options for reinstallation
Ok if they aren't working on the install screen you have bad usb ports most likely. Are they plugged into the front header or the motherboard's rear ports?
M/B rear ports- they work fine in bios and are recognised in bios though
Ok...good point. That means its DEFINITELY a software issue. How are you trying to reinstall Windows? With a CD/DVD or with a USB drive? Sometimes it's best to use an actual DVD to reinstall vs the USB media, as sometimes the USB media doesn't work correctly.
I'm using a USB, I don't have a disk drive.. without being facetious though, I still wouldn't be able to use my keyboard and mouse due to them also being USB
Out of curiosity is there any way I can force a driver install over bios?
No. Its a windows driver and cannot be installed from within the BIOS. What you might could try, at this point I don't think you have anything to lose, is to do a factory defaults reset of the bios settings.

When you access BIOS you should see an option on one of the screens/pages to reset the BIOS. Make sure after the reset you go back in and set the time and date BEFORE loading Windows.
have just done a physical and a hard reset of the bios, the same issue persists :/ I have even attempted to load windows onto an alternative hard drive but couldn't get past the same usb issue.. it's as if as soon as the bios closes the usb's no longer exist
You been using the same windows media?
as in the same usb?- no, tried 2 different usb sticks

otherwise I only have one licence of windows
I am sorry. I do not have any further advice. Hopefully, some one will come along with an answer for you.
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