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drive replacement --- what now?

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I replaced my old drive with a new one as follows
old ---> slave
new ---> master
load xp onto master
used western digital utility to copy entire drive data from old to master
started up system -- everything okay

(day later)

rejumpered master to be sole drive
disconnected slave

restarted system --
new config found okay
windows xp banner screen, then
launched in another Windows Xp banner screen
Everone once-in-a-while, I hear the click of a disk movemnt, but basically stuck.

i powered down and up again, ---same state was reached.

Any ideas?
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Try switching the jumper on the master HD to the old position (i'm assuming that you're using cable select at the moment?... If so, just switch it to master)
Too late. I ran xp recovery and everything came back.

only problem
my one and only disk drive is assigned to F:\

Any idea on how to get it back to C:\
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