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drive not ready

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I'm trying to boot an old computer given to me years ago.Main Processor = Amd 5x86 I believe it is using DOS and Windows 3.1 When i start the computer it shows me the AMBIOS system configuration and tells me the DRIVE NOT READY InsertBOOT diskette in A: Press any key when ready. but I don't have Boot diskette.What should I do next?

Thanks, John
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You can also go here. Can get a complete copy of DOS 6.22 and / or a boot disk. Yes, must run the downloaded program or can just make a boot disk via DOS 6.22 and the FORMAT A:/S command. Somehow must get the system files on a formatted floppy.
You probably need to rethink the entire problem.

Maybe the CMOS battery is kaput??? Did you check the BIOS for the boot sequence. Shouldn't it boot to C first. Did the computer ever work, did it boot using Drive C???? Is there even a Drive C????

All sorts of possible causes. Bad floppy, bad cable, poor connections, etc. etc.

If it is a working computer and you have a proper formatted floppy with the system files on it, should at least boot to A prompt. Somehow either you aren't using a proper boot DOS disk or the puter is junk and maybe you have some sort of hardware problem.

When was the last time, this jewel was booted up???? Did it ever work for you??? Making a DOS boot disk is pretty basic stuff but in the modern age might be a major stumbling block. :D
With a DOS computer there is no shutdown command. Just turn her off anywhere you please.
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