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Download error with pdf file

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When I attempt to download a simple pdf file using IE5.0, I get an error msg stating "access to the specified device, path, or file is denied"
It appears to download correctly and just when it's done - the error msg occurs and you cannot access the pdf file. Is there something not set correctly in IE5? Or??
Appreciate your help.
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i'm a few versions away from ie5 so don't know if there are some settings that need adjusting - i don't remember any

- are trying to open from a location
- save the pdf?

what version of adobe reader are you using ?
- need at least 4 these days, adobe has 5 on their website
- and there may be some security restrictions on the file which your version can't handle

try opening the file instead of downloading it, see what happens
Thanks for your reply. I've found out that if I save the file verses downloading and opening after download, I can open it with Acrobat 4.0. It appears that after downloading and trying to open/run immediately, it doesn't know where to look for the Acrobat program or something. What's your take on this?

might be the file association isn't quite right

Assuming you only have the problem with pdf files, locate one on your system and then highlight and press shift + right-click, choose Open With... and then choose Acrobat Reader. Make sure "always use this program... is checked."

thanks angel - forgot the shortcut to associate files
try this step, should firm up the file association and get it back to where the file opens after download
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