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Download Accelerator Plus

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I downloaded a program called download accelerator plus. And i have gone to their site and guess i dont fully understand everything im reading so I my question is can i use this program when im downloading songs from winmx and if so does anyone know how
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I had that program about a yr ago... As best as I can recall you can only download by using it to find thru their search.

Unless they have improved it .... its not very good. I deleted it.

Savvy :)
I got rid of DAP because it kept flashing ads at me, and that annoys me. Someone on this site recommended a new product, with no ads, called Fresh Download. Go to and get it. Also check out Fresh Devices, which is a tool to get info on your system, as well as benchmarking it. These guys upgrade their products about once a month.

They also have something called MP3 Master, which is supposed to be the end-all, be-all of MP3 stuff. I don't use this, so can't say anything more than their ad.
Hi Tigerlily,
I used DAP myself. It was eating up resources because of the advertisements. I did not notice a huge difference in download speed either!
I'd highly suggest staying away from anything that claims to speed up downloads since they really do nothing but destroy systems in the long run. They really can't and don't speed up anything. I'd suggest you uninstall it using Add/RemovePrograms from the ControlPanel.
I use GetRight... but its supposed to have Spyware..... this version doesn't.

Savvy :)
When installing GetRight at least you're asked whether you want 'Offer Companion', Gator and/or other stuff as well, and you have the option to gracefully say no, but thank you.

Other programs should be so considerate... :rolleyes:
Correct Tony... it offers Gator... which we all know is spyware loaded.

Savvy :)
Evidently DAP has spyware as well as the ad banners. If you run AdAware you will disable the program by removing the spyware. Only newer versions of AdAware will detect the spyware in DAP.

With cable internet, programs like DAP and Fresh Downloads can increase your download speed several fold by downloading from many sites at once. Not all sites have multiple downloads available, but most do. I wouldn’t think they would help much with a modem connection as most single site downloads take up all of your available bandwidth.

When you install a program with Gator it installs at two levels. The one is the Gator password and forms program and OfferCompanion. The other is the spyware that calls home to report on your computer. Declining their kind offer to install Gator and OfferCompanion does not decline the spyware. With many programs with spyware, removing the spyware disables the program.

You need to run AdAware with the latest definitions after installing any freeware.
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Slipe, not sure why you think this is true?

With cable internet, programs like DAP and Fresh Downloads can increase your download speed several fold by downloading from many sites at once.
I have a cable connection and download from same or multiple sites simultaneously all day long without any third party accelerators but maybe I'm missing something. Could explain what they do to speed it up?

Are you possibly referring to the MaxConnection per server limits that default to 4 in IE and Netscape? That can be changed with a simple registry tweak to allow many more. But even that is only a limit that would apply if your downloading multiple times from the same site/server. If your downloading from multiple sites, the limit doesn't apply since it's not from the same server.
I can only tell you that I've got Getright installed, said no to Gator and Offer Companion, and as a result I most certainly do not have spyware on my system.

So GetRight at least can be taken at its word.


GetRight can "segment" the file and download different pieces from different servers at the same time. This can often dramatically improve the speed of the file download.

It also allows you to resume a download. If you got part of the file before being cut off, GetRight will restart the download in the middle so it only gets the rest of the file, without having to restart from the beginning.

and there's more, of course

It helps a lot.

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If a server is HTTP 1.1 compliant which most are now a days, a resume of a terminated download is already built in as a standard in HTTP 1.1. You don't need third party software to accomplish it. Downloads are resumed all of the time if you have a download terminate but the progress box in Windows doesn't reflect it. That's been a bug they've know about for some time but haven't fixed. I use to have all of the documentation on this issue but I looked around and can't find it. I'll look some more when I get a chance.

Anyway if anyone is convinced that they help, then use them but I'm about as sure as I can be that they don't help regardless of what they may claim to do.

BTW, I'd really like to see the technical documention explaining "different pieces from different servers at the same time" if you can find it. Normal downloads do that as a normal process when ever you have multiple downloads going.
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Originally posted by Bryan
If a server is HTTP 1.1 compliant which most are now a days, a resume of a terminated download is already built in as a standard in HTTP 1.1.
I actually did notice that while downloading Internet Explorer some time ago.
My connection died, but subsequently I was able to pick it up again at the point where I was cut off, without the use of GetRight.

I like the program though. You can easily control a great number of downloads from one window, and this segmented downloading really does make a difference.
The D/L manager from fresh devices mentioned above, has no spyware, or banners, it really doesn't matter if it speeds my d/ls , what I like is the log file that tells me what I d/l and where it goes, it also has a very easy integration with I/e and netscape, and can be toggled on or off, I have had 0 system problems using it...Rhett
Yea I'm not trying to start an argument but my opinion is you really don't need these third party products. I'm against any of these things because I've seen enough here to know how many problem they end up causing down the line if or when MS makes changes to the way it does things internally in their operating systems. The third party vendor don't keep their software compliant.

On the other hand I understand that some people like them so to each his own .....
Here's and example of what I was referring to about HTTP 1.1 and resumed downloads. It refers to downloading IE but the process is the same with any download as long as the server is HTTP 1.1 compliant. It's an industry wide standard. IE and Netscape are both HTTP 1.1 compliant and "broken" downloads do resume but the "status" bar indicating how much you've downloaded and how much is left is deceiving when a "broken" download is resumed. And the resume is done unbeknownst to the user.
Thanks for the heads up, Bryan!
You're absolutely right about this, but I'm afraid I'm going to be completely irrational, and hang on to GetRight nevertheless. :D

I just like it...

I'm with you Tony... GetRight is doing a great job...
I don't need it for all downloads but tend to use it as its convenient and organized as well.

Biggest reason I got it was I have such a hardtime downloading anything from microsoft.

Savvy :)
I understand. To each his own. I'm just not a big fan of any third party software that integrates itself into IE and web functions like accelerators, ad blockers, etc.... I've seen too many problems that rear their ugly heads not immediately but sometime after they've been installed and updates are done to other Windows software. It only stands to reason that problems will eventually occur. The only true question is not will they occur, it's when will they occur. But if you use a reputiable companies software, like I assume GetRight is, at least they will usually be on top of it and provide a patch.

Also, I just want to provide more info on what I was referring to yesterday.
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