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Donald Trump Vs. Rosie

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Donald!!! :up: :D
Ray: From poochee's "The View" thread I posted awhile back! ;)
angelize56 said:
poochee: Here are some of the comments he made about Rosie! ;)

To Larry King on CNN: "Disgraceful, a horrible human being, a terrible person ... a loser. Her magazine failed. The ratings for her show were terrible. They basically threw her off the air. ... She is not a good person. She makes false statements. She's a bully."

To the FOX News Channel, he said: "(View executive producer) Barbara Walters, in my opinion rues the day she put that animal on her show."

To the Los Angeles-based TV show Good Day L.A.: "Maybe she wanted to put the crown back on Miss USA's head. I think she's very attracted to Miss USA so she probably wanted to put the crown on her head herself."

To the New York Post: "She's an extremely unattractive person who doesn't understand the truth. ... I think she's a terrible person ... She has failed at everything she has done...She's a bully and she sucker punches people.",,20005320,00.html
Jack: Rosie made fun of him on "The View" regarding his decision to let Miss America keep her crown...she said some false things about his being bankrupt several times and other slanderous things...she flipped her hair over to make fun of his hair style! Mostly he is suing for slander! ;) He said he's going to get money out of her fat arse! :D
The only thing I didn't like about what Donald had to say on "Larry KIng Live" betraying Barbara Walter's confidence by saying something along the lines of the nice statement she issued was totally different than what Barbara told him over the phone that night...she was being nice with her statement...he basically made it so Barbara will now be embarrassed to face Rosie...because Donald said Barbara really doesn't like her! :eek: ;)

Allegedly Rosie wants to replace Bob Barker on "The Price is Right!" :rolleyes: NO!!!!! :down:
Whatever she said....she must have worded it wrong for him to be so upset! ;)
I can't stand Rosie...never could...Donald I can stand...this whole thing is almost childish! :D
Hi GB! ;) Rosie said he went bankrupt two or three times...he says he never went bankrupt...that's partially why he is suing her! ;) Thanks for the clarification! :)

Happy New Year GB! :)
Now overweight women are mad at Donald for his comments about Rosie's we'll have the "Hair Club for Men' rooting for Donald! ;) :D
Thanks Ray! ;) :D
Sis said:
Fun thread Shamou :up:
Yeah Sis...he started it right after I posted "Let's talk about Donald and Rosie!" in his Trump thread! ;) :D :D
They're both a bit on the childish side on this issue! :D
So who thinks Rosie's vacation this week was already planned? :D
True true!! :D It'll be a refreshing week without her! :D

Hiya Smilin' Jack! :D
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