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Does anyone play Project Entropia?

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Well,do you?
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It's a MMORPG that has an economy that deals with REAL money.It's free to play, but it is really nessesary to put money in from your credit card.
I'll check that out DD
Just tried out racewarkingdoms, it's pretty good, especially since it's free :)

I would try the other one, but I don't have a credit card, and I don't know if I could pay constantly to play a game...I'd be broke rather quickly.
I played project entropia for a few months, a while back.

It had lag problems when shooting while hunting.

Most mmorpg's have some lag issues, but with PE every shot you wasted cost you real money.

I worked out that I was spending more money per month due to bugs and lag, than I would be subscribing to a normal mmo.

I worked out also that the only sure way to make money was to stand around in a well populated zone (atlas haven i think) and buy and sell to other players.

Not what I had in mind for good gameplay. :(

Kept me interested for a while.

It also has a real problem with beggers.

People think it is free, but when you start all you have is the clothes on your back, which looks like a prison jumpsuit.

People with no credit card, would keep walking up to you and asking for you to lend them a gun or some bullets.
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right you are about the servers-->>> they are crap. well,really,you're right about all that,lol. I think i'll play for a little while tho.
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