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Docking station that works with Surface Pro 9 and Lenovo T470S?

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I need a docking station that works with my personal Surface Pro 9 and my work laptop, a Lenovo Thinkpad T470S. I have 2 LG 27UD69P 4K monitors. I just switched employers and the old Dell dock (WD19S) I used with the work-issued Dell Latitude 7420 also worked with the Surface. Work IT guys seem to be at a loss. I bought the new Surface Thunderbolt 4 Dock hoping it would work with the Lenovo but it doesn't; the laptop only recognizes one monitor. Both monitors are plugged into the doc via a displayport to usb-c cord. I tried switching to hdmi with hdmi to usb-c adapters but that didn't work either. Guessing the surface dock just isn't compatible with the Lenovo (maybe too old of a model?), so now I'm looking for one dock that is compatible with both.
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We had the same issue with the Apple laptops. We ended up using this item:

But the Dell WD22TB we have found to work with Apple so maybe that would be an alternative? Does your new work have the TB version? Those are more for beefier machines too.
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