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Do you support the death penalty

  • yes for terrorist and serial killer

    Votes: 5 15.6%
  • yes for terrorist, serial killer and criminals

    Votes: 12 37.5%
  • yes for terrorist, serial killer,criminals and mental illness

    Votes: 5 15.6%
  • No not at alll

    Votes: 10 31.3%

Do you support the death penalty

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Do you support the death penalty yes or no :eek:

I would say terrorist and serial killer are not humans and yes I support death penalty or harsh for them :)

Now no I do not support torture or the death penalty on criminals the jails and hospital will take car of that

And no I do not support harsh for them :eek:
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fire_mat99, how do you define terrorist?

In the UK the term is now used to dehumanize anyone who uses their legal right to protest, whether peaceful or not. For instance, the protesters outside Huntingdon Life Sciences are now terrorists. This practice seems to have been adopted after seeing the propaganda success the likes of Israel and China have had by bandying the phrase around.

If we are not careful with our acceptance of this sort of terminology we will find ourselves living Margaret Atwood's vision of the future in "The Handmaiden's Tale"

Don't get me wrong. If you refer to the sort of misguided fascist who bombs the innocent for not agreeing with their ideology, i'm right behind you.

"Judge not, lest thee be judged, for these judgements will be used to judge you"

Perhaps that wasn't the best example, but you are confusing the protesters with the ALF, who are a separate group fighting towards the same goal. Lumping them all together is exactly what HLS have persuaded the authorities to do. They are all now in a convenient box marked "terrorist".

I don't really want to debate whether the testing is wrong or whether the protesters should swap places with the animals. I suppose an interesting angle would be to use those sentenced to death in the experiments though.... I'm more interested in the labeling of anyone who disagrees with their political masters a terrorist. Its happening all over the world right now.

If you are going to take a life as punishment, you must have some moral reason. My personal point of view is that if the death penalty was reinstated in the UK, it would have to be for deliberate premeditated murder. The problem is how you define it and what happens when a battered wife plans to poison her husband, surely that is deliberate and premeditated?

Of course the whole argument is academic from a UK perspective as there is no law here anyway, and if there is the human rights lawyers would like to know about it so they can get it repealed.
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Dont apologise LANMaster, we are all a bit confused too.

One argument against the death penalty that I keep thinking of is that when I see press photographs of Ian Huntley (double child murderer) sat in his open sided cell looking at a blank wall with a look of despair on his face. It warms my heart. I think of him still sat there in 20 years time looking at that same wall, then I think of all the holidays, nights out, nights in, beers with friends etc that I will enjoy over that same period. I hope it gives him enough time to mull over his decision to kill those children and what the consequences have been. Death would have been too quick for him.
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