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Do you support the death penalty

  • yes for terrorist and serial killer

    Votes: 5 15.6%
  • yes for terrorist, serial killer and criminals

    Votes: 12 37.5%
  • yes for terrorist, serial killer,criminals and mental illness

    Votes: 5 15.6%
  • No not at alll

    Votes: 10 31.3%

Do you support the death penalty

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Do you support the death penalty yes or no :eek:

I would say terrorist and serial killer are not humans and yes I support death penalty or harsh for them :)

Now no I do not support torture or the death penalty on criminals the jails and hospital will take car of that

And no I do not support harsh for them :eek:
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If some one kills some one the jails take car of it has crime and not look at it has inhuman but some one with problems in my country they will try fix the problem before realse.

In other words person that kills some one is criminals or is mentality disturbed

In my country it is 20 to 25 years in jail for murder if over 18 yeas of age.In China and US they have the death penalty for manslaughter witch more than murder if becomes state crime.

There are other country that are more strict or less being death penalty highest :eek:

In a case of a serial killer or a terrorist or nazie what ever you call them are not humans and yes I support death penalty or harsh for them ....

If harsh is word or strict :eek:
I do support the death penalty in theory, but only if the guilt of the convicted has been established beyond all doubt
So I got killed by my person 3 houses down the street that be support beyond all doubt but if I got robbed its not because they came with the idea to steal ..

But I still got killed so its a crime :confused:
I agree with the death penalty for terrorists, serial killers and general criminals i.e. Murderers, Serial rapists and Serial child molesters, I do not think first time rapists and child molesters should face the death penalty as everyone, no matter how abhorrent their crime, deserves at least one chance to prove they can change.
Yes terrorists, serial killers and most rapists do kill in the end anyay so yes .now criminals would be any thing like gangster , robbery , B&E , assault, despute,domestic so on where a person was killed..

Most criminals can learn from punishment but terrorists, serial killers and most rapists are so disturbed that punishment does not compute and has to be in for life or get the death penalty or they will do it again..

Now if a person has mental illness he or she has problems and needs help and traament programs help. Now if a person is intox or high on drugs and kill some one he or she not all there and can't think straight .. :eek:

So I would think terrorists, serial killers and most rapists should get life or get the death penalty or they will do it again
It's still not exactly clear what happened at Victoria Park and Finch late Wednesday night.

But it's evident what occurred at the end of that very long evening - two pedestrians were in hospital, two suspects were in custody and the busy intersection was shut down until the early morning.

The drama appears to have started when police observed a minivan driving erratically on southbound Vic Park around 11pm. They began pursing the vehicle, but as the driver tried to navigate the wet roads at increasingly higher speeds, the inevitable happened - he lost control of the car, which went careening into two bystanders.

A 22-year-old man was rushed to Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre with a broken arm, a broken femur and other leg injuries. A 19-year-old man wound up in North York General with minor complaints.

Two suspects were apprehended at the scene.

The busy Scarborough intersection was closed all night while investigators tried to reconstruct the events. The smashed vehicle was finally towed away just after 7am Thursday, and the roadway was reopened for the morning rush.

The Special Investigations Unit, the civilian agency that probes serious incidents involving police, has designated one subject officer and four witness officers, and is asking anyone who saw what happened to call them at (416) 622-1925.

“Our primary concern here is were these two men hurt because of police action?" questioned the SIU's Rose Bliss. "(We will) conduct an independent investigation into all of the circumstances surrounding this incident, and then allow the director to make a decision whether there are grounds to believe any type of criminal offence occurred on behalf of the officers.”

It's the latest incident in an ongoing controversy about police chases in residential areas. Cops argue they have to be allowed to pursue and catch criminals who are trying to avoid them.

But some officials and residents insist the danger to the public outweighs that need, and such high speed chases should be called off when it appears innocent lives may be threatened.

Should police cruisers be restricted from chasing suspects through residential neighbourhoods? To vote in our WebPoll, click here.
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He killed his wife with a dumbbell in a fit of rage – then immediately called 911 crying for help to save her. Now the man who committed that ruthless act has learned his fate.

Mel Bruni was sentenced to five years and 10 months in jail in a Toronto courtroom on Thursday. The 44-year-old father had been convicted of manslaughter in the slaying of his spouse Carmela on Christmas Day 2002.

It took two years for the court to render a verdict, and there was another delay in the sentencing, which was supposed to take place last week.

The judge called the attack “vicious and violent”, and there’s little dispute it was both. The 39-year-old mother was struck with the 5-pound weight at least 20 times.

Bruni called 911 and made a tearful confession to the operator, who immediately dispatched an ambulance to the family’s Oakmeadow Blvd. home. But it was too late – Carmela later succumbed to her injuries in hospital.

Bruni was originally charged with murder, but had insisted his wife tried to hit him with the heavy weight first. The couple’s marriage had been going into a breakdown for some time, when the December 25th argument erupted into violence.

He claimed he’d reacted out of passion, and wasn’t in control at the time of the killing. But there was evidence the jury never heard.

It indicated Bruni stopped his attack long enough to remove his three-year-old boy from the scene, put him to bed, then return to resume the assault.

The victim’s relatives, who were furious at the lesser charge, are equally convinced that the punishment doesn’t fit the crime.

“It's not enough,” said the victim’s brother Armando Venditti. “Her life was priceless, obviously, and we feel that it was basically a slap on the wrist.”

Her other brother, Tony, expressed a similar frustration.

“It was a slap in the face,” he said.
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Cab driver beaten by four or five

A group of thugs beat and pistol-whipped a cab driver and mugged a couple walking home Monday night.

Peel police say they believe the same four or five men are responsible for both crimes.

The couple, a 47-year-old woman and a 52-year-old man, were approached by a man armed with a handgun on Hiberton Crescent in the area of Sandalwood Parkway and Chinguacousy Road at 10 p.m. the man grabbed the woman's purse. Three or four other men, one also armed with a handgun, demanded cash from the man. He said he didn't have any and they ran away.

Less than two hours later, at 11:40 p.m., a 35-year-old Mississauga man was driving his Golden Taxi when he went to Navigator Drive in the south end of the city to pick up a fare. While waiting for the fare he was approached by a group of men. One of them engaged him in conversation, then pulled out a handgun.

The victim was beaten and pistol-whipped, pulled from the taxi, dragged between two houses and continually beaten until cash and some of his belongings were taken from him. The robbers ran to an awaiting green Dodge Caravan on Spinnaker Crescent and escaped. The victim was taken to hospital and treated for a broken nose, bruising and soreness, according to police.

The van had been reported stolen from Brampton and 30 minutes after the cabbie was beaten, the van was involved in a "pump-and-run" at a local gas station. The van has not yet been recovered.

Police are looking for four or five suspects described only as black, approximately 20 years, all wearing dark clothing. One was wearing a cloth over his face similar to a bandanna.
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So it shows if the police find 5 blacks they will thing its these guys but may be not :eek:
Most prison there are mean gangster in there for all type of charges .And you will get robbed or assaulted.Not little gangster but mean gangster ..

And most police and prison guard are corrupted and will use excesses of force when dealing with you and will be not nice to you :eek:

simple don't break the Law you have nothig to worry :eek: Now I know some prison are better than others some its like being in Mexico prison
I voted number 1 and hope and prey you included pedophiles in that, I would have voted 2 but you don't define criminals. Also if its not to much trouble can you include drug dealers in number 1, theres a few others I'd like to include I'm my choice that appear to be law abiding citizens that over the years have indirectly killed or harmed many people. Unfortunately in the UK the death penalty is not a reality would save a heck of a lot of money if it became one, lets face it some of these people have no place on the planet anyway.
What !! If you where the boss you being putting people that do shoplifting,theft,stealing,drugs dealers and B&E so on to death .. :eek:

Most of this people are poor uneducated have no where for help or support and no choice but to do this to live or me homeless and kicked from one corner of the the street to the next like trash can.If the schools and parent behave like the 50's there be none of this you could not drop out of school,slack or go to other grade if you failed ..

And most of these people are not violent there are some but most are not violent... :eek:
You misunderstood me @fire mat99, I said "you don't define criminals" meaning that as you say lesser crimes do not require the death penalty. but yes drug dealers I would, I don't mean the lads that sell a bit of stuff to finance there own habit..............I mean the big drug barons.
You watch too much tv most drug dealers are not rich, go to some of the townhouses you can get drug yes may be a nice car but there are not rich .And go to poor area of the city you can get drug .

Sure there are big drug dealers like the mob ,biker gangs ,organize drug dealers but they are a small persent .

Any ways it funny most of the time 90% of the drug raids are in poor section of the city sure they go after big drug dealers like the mob ,biker gangs ,organize drug dealers but it is hard for police to do the detective work becuse they so complex..

But gansters or poor people are eay for police to get becuse they are not complex.Only big drug dealers like the mob ,biker gangs ,organize drug dealers , some even do detective work on the police we had in are city the MOB spying on the police video taping them so on..
Well I forgot to say in the above statement the big drug lords and war lords in the world would be in the organize cime :eek: Like African they live life a king and every else is in poverty :eek:
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