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Do, or do i not own it?

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When i have purchased a game, dow i or do i not own it.

I have heard that software is holdable oly by the original purchaser, so does this mean my copy of Deus Ex is illeagal?
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If someone copied a program they bought and then sold it to you, I would say you most likely do not own it.

If you bought it from a store etc. you should be the owner. :eek:
I bought it from a garagesale. it is the original disc. so do i?
Well I am not a Moldy, err I mean Lawyer, but I think you would then! ;)
I think you do. As long as someone paid to get the software to begin with, I don't think they are prohibited from selling or giving the orginal CD away. If they made a copy to keep, their copy would be illegal. That's my view anyway.
PS What makes you ask? :confused:
the notice on the top of the board made me wonder if i really do own the game.... Now if only some one will help me start saving, then i can play and be happy.
It may be referring to the source code. That the creator owns the actual coding and you are not allowed to modify and or sell parts of that code.
Just a WAG! ;)
To answer your question you do not own the game, you own the licence for that copy of the game. The licence entitles you to unlimited use of the product as long as its not for commercial purposes. Not illegal at all.

A computer geek that knows the law.... scary yes... for the RIAA!!!
A computer geek that knows the law.... scary yes... for the RIAA!!!

I believe Shane25 is correct - if you read any End User Licence Agreement it states that you can use on one machine, use for unlimited time etc, but prohibits you from decompiling / reverse engineering, hacking, into the program, sharing, lending, copying it.

Even though you do own that copy its only from the perpective of being entitled to use it.
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