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Does anyone know how to sort this little hiccup out, i have reinstalled over and over


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I am not sure. One place to start is to rename desk.cpl to old desk.cpl and then extract a fresh copy from your install disk or the cabs if you have them on the hard drive to C:\windows\system

You didn't say which version of windows you use. If you need instructions on extracting, post back.

Second step, is to boot to Safe Mode and remove your Video Card from Device Manager, Reboot to windows it will be reinstalled. If you have a special Driver disk you may need that.

If you need help on this step, post back.
I tried to do the second option you suggested and found this problem......I can't access the devices, o yeah I'm using win 98 se.

It just seems to get worse:( never had any probs with the Sinclair zx81:D


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There may be some system restrictions which have removed those tabs. Go to start, run regedit and navigate to:


Look for and delete any unwanted restrictions in the right hand pane by right clicking on them and either delete or modify the value to zero.
Hello m8

I followed your instructions and when i got to POLICIES there was no system, all i have got is NETWORK and RATINGS. :confused: gulp
I'm not real confident this will fix it but it's worth a shot extracting a new copy of Desk.cpl like Mosiac suggested earlier. I suspect your going to need to reinstall the video card drivers but try this first and see what happens.

First click on Start>Find>Files, key in desk.cpl and press enter. Once it's found rename it to desk.old

Now insert your W98 CD. Then click on Start>Programs>MSDosPrompt. Then at the DOS prompt, assuming your CDRom drive is the letter "D", type in the following command and press enter.

extract /a d:\win98\ deskw95.cpl /L c:\windows\system

Once it's extracted, click on Start>Find>Files, key in deskw95.cpl and press enter. Once it's found, rename it desk.cpl

Now try accessing the display properties. If it's still blank then I'd try reinstalling the video card drivers.
NoDevMgrPage can also be found in this registry key


Try to find it there.
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