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Display properties missing

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When restarting my PC my monitor wouldn't always start up again. I finally got fed up, took it in to a shop, video card was defective. I had it replaced with a Celestica Radeon 9200. They called me from the shop, said the computer was ready, but that the display was all messed up. I didn't think it'd be that big of a deal to fix, so I took it home. The resolution options are available as a tray icon so that was no problem. But, when I go into display properties, I have no tabs - no desktop, screensaver, bappearance, or settings - all I have is themes. Is this because my old video card messed up Windows (XP Pro)? Everything else seems to be running properly. No viruses, adware or spyware. Is there a registry edit to get these tabs back?
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Go to Start > Run, and type:

Local Computer Policy--> User Configuration--> Administrative Templates--> Control Panel--> Display.

All the items in the right pane should be listed as "Not Configured" in the "State" column. Double-click any that are not and change them to being unconfigured.

Many of these will at least overlap Rollin' Rog's registry references, but some are in different locations.

And his point about the ATI Control Panel is a strong possibility since it modifies the contents of the Display Properties applet. You might try installing the latest Catalyst driver bundle for that card.

For broadband, there is one file that needs to be installed that contains the driver, Control Panel, and WDM Capture driver all in one package:

For dial-up, you can download and install them in separate packages if you prefer (install them in the order listed):
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