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Display Port to HDMI Adapter Audio Issues

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Hey everyone,

PC Info:
Windows 10 Genuine
Intel i7 4790k
NVidia GTX 980ti
8GB RAM 1600
128GB SSD Boot
480GB SSD for games
1TB HDD @7200rpm for movies

I recently purchased a Display port to HDMI adapter for my PC. I did this because my TV (SONY XBR55X930D) displays 4k HDR and I want to take advantage of its ENHANCED HDMI setting. Now, when I hook the Display port end of this adapter into the 980ti and then plug the HDMI into the adapter for my TV I get video and support for ENHANCED HDMI, however, I receive no audio output whatsoever. I'll run DOOM 2016 I get video @4k but nothing for audio. Can't hear a thing whether its a movie, streaming audio through SoundCloud...nothing. I'm told that there should be support for audio with these adapters.

Is this not the case? Am I missing a setting?

I've done some research but am having difficulty finding a solution.

I am using HDMI 2.0a cables that support HDCP 2.2.

This is the adapter I purchased:

Thank you for reading and I look forward to reading your replies/tips and answering any questions.
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Do you have the DP set as the default audio output device?
Do you have the DP set as the default audio output device?
I've gone into sound settings and yes have switched between audio devices for output. I will be able to provide a picture in a couple hours. Thank you for responding.
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