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Display is too large for monitor

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hello saviors
WIN98se user here having a terrible time in trying to resize my screen, (presently 640 x 480). My kids were playing a PC game the other day and when they were done, everthing was too large for the screen, little &%@'s!

Anyhow I tried to resize to 1028 x 768 but everthing is too small then. Also, should I be at 32 bit true color? Any thoughts??? Thank you all kindly!
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Welcome to TSG :)

24 bit High color should be just find.
Change to your setting of 1028 x 768.
No open the display properties and click on the appearance tab.
Go to the scheme and in the drop down go to the windows standard and pick it.
Now apply and ok your way out.
You should have the windows default setting setting back now.
If there are changes that you made to anything else you have to change them on your own.
But after you have it all the way you want to then go to the save-as and you can save your scheme.
Name it 1-jcyarmo or something like that. I added the 1 to it because it would show up in the at the top of the scheme list.
Now if they ever change anything you can go back to your saved scheme and apply it again.
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Your welcome :)

Just do the saving of your scheme once you get it all the way you want and then you can alway it your setting back easy by just picking it from the list.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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