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Disk I/O Error

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I have recently acquired an old pc running 95 ... I decided to upgrade to 98 SE ..... to no avail ... it would not recognize a boot disk or the cd/rom drive ... so i decided to take the hard drive to another comp to install 98 se .. I fdisked, reformatted and installed in another machine ..... everything worked fine ... when i took it back to the other comp .... i booted and recieved a disk i/o error ..... the drive works .. and already has an operating system ... it will take a boot disk .... and the bios settings are correct ... i changed the battery on the board and still get the same message .... the cables work and are correctly connected .... any ideas ... i have been working on and off with this comp for about a week and would like to bring it back to life ...... any suggestions would be appreciated ....
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Hmm...from what i know, i think there could be compatibility issues. like if you install 98 on a pc, then move the hard drive to a different pc, it's will most likely not work since it has the settings of the pc that you installed windows on. so i suggest wipe the drive, format it and install windows on the pc that the drive will be on.

you also said it would not recognize the bootdisk? you mean it won't read the floppy disk? did you change the boot order so that A: is first?

i also had a problem installing a maxtor drive that is being sold as of now on an old pc..i was unsuccessful. so your pc could also be too old.


Just to clarify: is the computer now recognizing a boot floppy?

In the BIOS set the boot disc order as: 1st floppy A:, 2nd HDD C:, 3rd CD-ROM (if this is an old computer, it may not support booting from CD-ROM).

If the computer boots with a floppy, reformat it again and reinstall Windows. As Nothingface said, when windows installs it searches for hardware and installs all the proper drivers for that particular computer. If you then put it into another computer it can get overwhelmed because now all the hardware is different.


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It does not recognize anything floppy or cd/rom (it is older no option in bios for cd/rom) .... it recognizes both master and slave hd .... but after verifying dmi pool it jumps into disk i/o error ... i cannot get any prompt .... otherwise i would reformat in this machine as to clear up conflicts that might have happened from installation on another machine .... any suggestions would still be appreciated...
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