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disk boot errors

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I have been having problems with a machine I built from spare parts for my sister. After about a year of faithful service, she suddenly got a 'disk boot failure' message. I checked all cables, etc. everything was fine. I installed a known good drive, and it still would not work. I tried the existing drive in another machine - it worked fine.So I changed the motherboard.

About a month later - 'disk boot failure'! Again, I tried a good drive - same result. This time is switched out the board, processor, memory and installed a new drive. Reinstalled Win95 osr2.5. Everything was fine. Until amonth or so later - 'disk boot failure'!

I ran wd diagnostics on the new drive - everything was fine. The drive worked in other machines w/o a problem. I disassembled & reassembled the machine, and reinstalled the os again.
A month later, I again have a 'boot disk failure'!

This machine is driving me crazy! Anyone have any suggestions as to what to look at? I don't even know where to go in my library of manuals for this one!

I would have suspected some type of worm/virus, but none has been found by antiviral software, plus I've basically changed all of the hardware!

Any help / suggestions will be GREATLY appreciated!
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umm... the cable that connects the motherboard to the drive may be broken try replacing that
Thanks for the suggestion - I do have a habit of reusing the older cables when switching the motherboard; its easier than opening the packet of new cables. I'll do that.

Since I posted, however, my sister called - now the machine is working 'sometimes'! When she turns it on, she gets either a working computer, or a single beep POST code: Award Bios = RAM problem! I have stack of RAM I can put in...I just hope its not a bad connector!

Anyone know if bad RAM cause a 'boot disk failure' message? Or are there two problems here?
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