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Disabling login feature

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I would like to disable the login in window that appreas on when the computer starts up (where you enter your username and password). All I want is to have the pc start up and go directly to the desktop, since I am the only one that uses this pc.

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oh oh oh i just did this last night, and it excited me because i fix this all the time when i reinstall windows and i forgot so i tollarated it. it is something one of those security patches did

go into control panel,
administrative tools,
computer management,
go to local users and groups,
go to guest, right click
select properties and disable that account.
If one turns of the login screen so it goes directly to the desktop, is it reversable?
very much so
My guest user account is already disabled, always has been, I suppose, because I never have messed with it. But I still have always had the login screen.

The only other option I can see would be to go to the "groups" file in that area and remove the guest account, which I see is possible to do. But if I do that, how would I put it back, should I want to, at a future time?
then go back in and disable every account but administrator and your account.
That did it, thanks! I had an "ASP.NET" account there, too. Since I have no idea what this is, I figured I didn't need to have it enabled. Once I disabled that one, I no longer have to log in, it just says "welcome" and goes right to the desktop.

Much nicer. Thanks again!
no problem glad to help
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