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Disable Prompt? Program?

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A while ago, I installed a trial version of an anti-virus program onto my computer. The program was called Radial Point. I got tired of the program, and tried to uninstall it, by going to "Settings," "Control Panel," and then "Add Or Remove Programs," but for some reason, I just could not uninstall the program. I then tried to uninstall it by clicking on the program's uninstall feature, but that didn't work either. SO, out of frustration, I decided to delete the program, by moving the entire program file into my "Recycle Bin." When I tried doing that, one of the files could not be deleted. So, I just manually sent each file that could be deleted into my "Recycle Bin," and then emptied the "Recycle Bin."

But now, for some reason, every time I second-hand click on any files/folders/programs, etc., 2 different windows pop up:

1) Please wait while Windows configures Radial Point.
2) An error occurred while uninstalling the Anti-Virus. Please contact Customer Support to inquire about this problem.

My question is, how do I disable those windows from popping up, whenever I use the second-hand click feature? They're so annoying. Right now, I just close those windows when they pop up, but I just want to destroy them somehow, and prevent them from ever popping up.

Please help!


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To get rid of the file you can't delete, download "Unlocker" (freeware)


Install Unlocker, right click on the file and in the context menu select "Unlocker". This will show you what has a lock on the file (my guess it is explorer.exe). Click on "Unlock" and delete the file.

You still have references in the registry to the antivirus program. Download Ccleaner (freeware)


Install, open Ccleaner and click on "Issues". Delete any references to the program Ccleaner finds in your registry.
MMJ said:
He isn't going to see any issues if he didn't scan for them. :)
So that's why I always thought I had a squeaky clean registry! :)
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