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Directory Copy from Recovery Console

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I uninstalled some software from Windows, and then I could not access Windows upon restarting. I decided to do a repair install, as I had been having some other problems. However when i tried to do the repair, I continually get a blue screen of death, it flashs for less than a second and all I can catch is something about a bad pool. Windows is installed on a C: partition, I also have two other partitions, D: and E:.. I want to copy my Documents and Settings folder from the C: drive to the E: drive, and then do a clean install of Windows on C:. All the partitions still exist, as I can read from then using a Linux Live distro.
Is there a way for me to copy this directory from the Recovery Console? At the moment I can only copy a single file., and this would take an age.
Is there another way for me to achieve my task? I do not have a CD-burner on this machine, so backing up is out. I realise I could create a new partition and install Windows on that, and then copy the files when finished. Messy though. I have a USB key and so I could copy the files to that from within Linux and then restore them when finished. But I am unsure of the file format the files would be in, and the actual size of the folder I want to copy is over 600MB so there would be alot of copying, pasting to a temporary machine and so on and so forth. So what I would really like is a command from the Recovery Console to copy this directory from C: to E: or D:. Or a freeware app that would boot from a floppy that would allow me to do this quite easily.
I apologise for the long question, I have learned that I should always back up my data!
\Any help greatly appreciated.

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Once in the RC, execute these commands:

Set AllowWildCards = TRUE
Set AllowAllPaths = TRUE
Set AllowRemovableMedia = TRUE
Set NoCopyPrompt = TRUE

(Note the spaces before and after the equals sign.)

PS. You can copy all those Set commands to a text file and put them on a floppy. Say you named it Set.txt. Then from the RC, you type:

batch A:\set.txt

and all the variables will be set without having to type them.

Then, create a directory on the destination drive.

copy <My Documents path>\*.* <New Directory path>\*.*

(I should note that Help and Support says that the RC copy command does not support wildcards. I have not tried it after setting the variable.)
Read-only access to the NTFS drive from a DOS floppy is also an option (so long as you copy to a FAT32 partition):
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