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Okay, My PC had lots of problems (viruses, etc.) because I left it on for a bout a week with no protection. When I came back and I noticed it was all screwy, I started to repair my files on 100% cpu usage. (took forever).
BUT, my step mother thought it would be a real ***** move to shut it off (with the power button) while I was reinstalling very important Windows files (Corrupted system32 files) and it didn't repair my start up file and I cannot log on. (ubersuck)

I can fix the PC, but I need to log on in order to do that. The PC is running on XP Professional SP3 and I could use some help trying to Directly connect my Laptop (Vista) So that I can Reinstall windows from my Laptop straight to my PC.

Is this even possible?

Have I Accidentally my whole computer and should just completely restore the whole thing? ( which I have no backup saved on my PC because it was built and I never got around to it.)

If i cannot connect to it, What can I do to fix my PC?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and if you need more info, I would be happy to give it to you.

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