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Difficulties burning DRM-protected Apple Music to CD

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Hello all of you!
I am burning a few CD mixes for my BFF as part of her Christmas gift. I've just synced my Apple Music playlists to a computer and inserted a blank CD-R. When I click under File>Burn Playlist to Disk the burning process seems to start, then I get a prompt saying my files are each "an Apple Music song and cannot be burned to disc".
I have read that there are tools to be downloaded online to allow to remove DRM-protection, so the files can be burned to a CD. I am concerned about the safety of downloading these programs/tools/softwares from the internet, especially since I am using a friend's computer, not my own. Can anyone attest to the safety of these?
Even better - would anyone know a better way to burn my Apple Music playlists to CDs?
Thank you so much


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Sorry but we don't assist with getting around copyright protection s stated in the rules.

Closing thread.
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