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Difference b/t Intel Celeron and Pentium 4 processors

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Just curious,what are the major difference between the Celeron and Pentium 4 CPUs (comparison is between the Celeron/ Pentium 4 1.8 GH to 2.6) . I run a small business and I sell computers to people locally where I live and I get asked this question every once in a while. Most of my users are moderate gamers and business users, but very litte hard core gamers. I hear alot of contraversy over the Intel Celeron CPU compared to the Pentim 4 CPU. I have some guys who swear up and down that the Intel Celeron CPU is not even worth the time. But I personally believe that there is very little diference between both of the CPU compared to the price you will pay for the Pentium 4, considering most of my customers aren't hard core gamers. Then I would recommend a Pentium 4 or a AMD Athlon XP CPU. Am I right? I'm just curious what a knowlegable person has to say about each CPU.
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the main differance is that the pentium has lots more cache memory(built in memory) than the celeron.

most celerons are intended to be celerons but some are pentiums manufactured wrong and the cache memory dont work.

for business computers you wouldnt notice a differance in the 2 but gamers need the cache memory for their graphic intense games. cache memory is so important thata 800 mhz pentium will out preform a 1.2 celeron
Well you could just steer clear of Intel and stick with AMD... ;)

As long as they aren't using very demanding applications, then the Celeron is great. Hardcore gamers will want the P4, and anyone who is using applications like Photoshop will be better fit with a P4. But for simple office applications, web surfing, and email, the celeron is a better choice because it's cheaper. I have a Celeron 766, and it runs my little brother's programs fine, it can use the internet with no problems, and he can even play CounterStrike at a decent resolution with no problems. Not that CounterStrike is a very demanding game, but it's what most moderate gamers are playing nowadays.
There's two main differences between Celeron's and Pentium's:

1). Less cache
2). Generally a slower bus then the full Pentium.

For basic apps the Celeron is fine, for Business and Gaming you wouldn't want a Celeron. The result is that an "slower" Pentium outperforms a "faster Celeron.

Anyways, here's a write-up on numerous CPU's and Benchmarks:
As a computer sales person I would have hoped that you already knew the information you ask.
Well, I have 3 certifications (I-Net+, Net+, A+) and I've just started computer sales kinda as a hobby. I offer excellent prices and excellent tech support, I just needed to sharpen up my knowlegde a little on the CPUs (never really went into detail...I deal with a lot of business users who just run some simple and advanced applications). In my opinion, as long as I didn't lie and at least I'm trying to find more information out, everythings ok. I'll just keep trying hard to do my best and keep asking questions so I will become more and more knowledgable.
Sounds fair enough to me PCMan78
I have been working in my profession for about 30 years and I continue learn and ask questions daily. If I get to the point where I feel like I know everything and stop asking questions, it's time for me to get out of the business.

Thank you PCMan78 for asking the question so all of us amateurs can read the responses and learn a little bit more....That's what this site's about, right?
I quite agree, it is not necessary to know everything - PCs - "lego for grownups forever!"
I've been using computers since I was a kid in the 80s with my C= Vic20 > C=128 > Amigas and (gag) M$ Windows. I am quite good at solving problems that those who have taken courses get stuck on... but *I* don't assume I know everything... I don't :)

The worst tech I ever had to work with (and I couldnt fire) was a completely utter moron. Kissed my boss's rear end. His solution "low level format!"... and this is from the Windows3.1 days! That phrase is still a joke today with my friends who worked with him.
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