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Dialup Connection Monitors Flashing = DRIVING ME NUTSO!!!

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Hi, 2 issues to run by ya today.

1. Is it possible to hide the two connection monitors for a dialup connection in the system tray? Maybe with a registry entry or program? The constant flashing is driving me nuts!

2. Ha, just kidding, only one issue. ;)
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do you mean the "Modem Status" taskbar item next to the clock on your taskbar? :D if so i can help
I know the answer to your problem, but I'm not at my computer right now so i'll have to post the answer when i get home. stupid school iMacs... Who the hell uses Apple computers in the real world? lol.
good point. and Steve Jobs too. 3 more hours till i can go home and help you! think you can wait or will you go crazy before school is out and i go home to my non-Apple computer?
go to Start --> Settings ---> Control Panels, then click on "Internet Options" click on the "Connections" tab. click on "Settings," then "Properties." click on the "Configure" button. click the "Options" tab, and at the bottom of the pop-up there should be a checkmark marked "Display modem status". Uncheck this. go to "ok" on all the boxes and close out of Control Panel. you're done!!!

if this didn't work or you're confused about something i said, don't hesitate to tell me :)
ooh... dang it. i don't know then. Sorry :(
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