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Dialup Connection Monitors Flashing = DRIVING ME NUTSO!!!

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Hi, 2 issues to run by ya today.

1. Is it possible to hide the two connection monitors for a dialup connection in the system tray? Maybe with a registry entry or program? The constant flashing is driving me nuts!

2. Ha, just kidding, only one issue. ;)
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YES! that's the one.. the two flashing monitors that go...flash...flash...flashflash...flash...AHHHH MAKE IT STOP, SOMEBODY PLEASE MAKE IT STOP!!
I know what it means, it's just that I know when I'm connected anyway, and I have issues with the flashing, I can't concentrate on things when it flashes.

I am aware that my ram is pathetic, but this machine shipped with that much ram. I would upgrade, but I don't have the money. And yes, I know ram is cheap, but I've got finacial problems right now. I can bearly afford food. =P
Yeah, I can hold out ;)
It's already unchecked though...
I'm aware of what each one means. Pulling the taskbar up and down is just a tad bit more annoying than the flashing lights, I use the taskbar constantly, there is no point at which I am not, I multitask. Also, hidding isn't something I can do, as I need to be able to see the taskbar at all times as well.
Besides, I'm on a crappy dialup, I don't really need to know if I'm going a whole 1kb faster or slower :)
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