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I have a problem. I am running Windows 2k Pro, and when I connect to the internet (I connect at 54.6k usually) speed is normal for dial up. After only a few minutes, the speed slows down so much I can't browse, and any files I am downloading slow down to about 200 bps.

I recently installed it, so I don't know if there could be any spy ware on it. I updated it through microsoft.

I doubt it is the isp, since I am dual booting with Mandrake 10.1 and I get normal speeds using the 2.4 kernel.

The problem happens with 2 different modems (one internal, one external).

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Get The latest version of Adaware
You can download the free version here:

or here (alternate download location)

You need to be logged on as Adminstrator through the installation.
For ease in installation and operation, view the tutorial here

Just download it to your desktop and then to install click on the file you just downloaded (aawsepersonal.exe). You will be guided through the installation. It is recommended to use the default setting of "Protect anyone who uses this computer".

On the main screen of Adaware please look for the *check for updates now* link, just above the start button in the bottom right corner or you can click on the Webupdate button that looks like a globe icon at the top. Press * connect* to let it check for any recent updates. If any are found, please let it download and install them.

Now, configure your settings. Click the gear icon at the top. These are the recommended settings:

AAW SE settings

General Button
Check (Green) all three.

Advanced Button
Logfile Detail Level:
All options under this should be checked (Green).

Tweak Button
Check (Green) the following:
Log Files
Include basic Ad-Aware settings in logfile:
Include additional Ad-Aware settings in logfile:
Please do not check (Green): Include Module list in logfile:

On your first scan, use the Full Scan (Perform full system scan) mode.

Let Adaware remove any *bad* objects found. Reboot your PC and scan again. Repeat this process until no more bad items are found. It may take several scans to clean everything, depending on the type of infections found.
Download Spybot - Search & Destroy, from here if you haven't already got the program.
For ease in installation and operation you can opt to view the tutorial here

Click on Settings, and Settings again. Go to the Webupdate section, and check Display also available beta versions.

Now press Online, and search for, and put a check mark next to all updates, and install following the prompts.

Next, close all Internet Explorer windows, and click Check for Problems. Once the scan is complete, have SpyBot remove all it finds marked in RED.
Create a directory on your hardrive to save HijackThis.exe. A directory like c:\hijackthis. If you do not do this, you will not be able to use the backup/restore features.

Download HijackThis from:

Save this file into the directory you made previously and then run the program named hijackthis.exe. When the program opens click on the Config button, then click on the Misc Tools button, and click on the Check for update online button. When it completes checking/applying updates press the back button.

Now click on the Scan button and when it is finished click on the Save Log button. A Notepad window will open with the contents of this log. Click on Edit then click on Select all. Then click on Edit and then Click on Copy.

Create a reply to this post here and right click in message area and select paste to paste the log into the post.
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