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dial up connection hangs!

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Hi everyone

I posted this in the web & mail forum with no luck, I hope this forum can be of help.

Here is the problem

When i'm online my dial up connection hangs for 30 seconds every 4 to 6 clicks or pages I view.

The two computer lights that indicate modem communication stopps blinking completley but the explorer icon keeps spinning.
But this problem happends even in Netscape.

I have tried the following without success.

-I have increased my RAM from 64MB to 320 MB
-Upgraded my modem from a soft to a GVC hardware controlled
-Updated my BIOS
-Checked for spyware using ADware from lavasoft
-Re-built my registry from DOS
-Did a ScanDisk & a Defrag in safe mode
-Checked for any device conflicts in device manager
-Virus Scan
-I have tried two different phone lines in different houses

My computer is an IBM Apiva 2193 32U with a SiS 540 chipset and a AMD k6 550 3D Now processor, 320 MB RAM Running on Win 98SE.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Internet Explorer 5.x/6.x comes with a repair tool. To use it, go to the Add/Remove Programs Control Panel; Scroll and click to highlight 'Microsoft Internet Explorer 5/6.x' in the Install/Uninstall window; Then click on the Add/Remove button; Select 'Repair' the current installation of Internet Explorer radio button; Click on OK. Restart your computer when prompted.


Open Internet Explorer (IE); Tools menu; Internet Options; Advanced tab; Click the Restore Defaults button; Click Apply; Click Ok. Close IE.

Open (IE); Click the Tools menu; Point to Internet Options; Click the Security tab; Click the Default Level button; Click Apply; Click Ok. Close IE.

Open IE; Click the Tools menu; Internet Options; Click the Security tab; Click the Custom Level button; Click Apply; Click Ok. Close IE. Start IE as desired.


You need to be running a firewall like free Sygate from - type, sygate, in the Search box, you must be on-line to register Sygate, that is if you're not using a firewalled Router on a Network or, have another third-party firewall like Sygate installed, to protect you and the Internet community from hackers, spammers and terrorist from using your computer for their own illicit needs while you're on-line?
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if your still under warrantee make IBM fix or replace the unit. there may be a significant hidden hardware problem.
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