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dial up connection hangs!

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Hi everyone

I posted this in the web & mail forum with no luck, I hope this forum can be of help.

Here is the problem

When i'm online my dial up connection hangs for 30 seconds every 4 to 6 clicks or pages I view.

The two computer lights that indicate modem communication stopps blinking completley but the explorer icon keeps spinning.
But this problem happends even in Netscape.

I have tried the following without success.

-I have increased my RAM from 64MB to 320 MB
-Upgraded my modem from a soft to a GVC hardware controlled
-Updated my BIOS
-Checked for spyware using ADware from lavasoft
-Re-built my registry from DOS
-Did a ScanDisk & a Defrag in safe mode
-Checked for any device conflicts in device manager
-Virus Scan
-I have tried two different phone lines in different houses

My computer is an IBM Apiva 2193 32U with a SiS 540 chipset and a AMD k6 550 3D Now processor, 320 MB RAM Running on Win 98SE.

Any help is greatly appreciated!!!

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Thanks, Styxx

I have already tried to repair IE6. But I will try your other suggestions.

This problem has been happening to the computer "right out of the box", and on any web browser. IBM Tech support told me it might be my phone line , but I now live in a newer house with up to date lines. My connection speed is 49.3 to 50.2 kbps so I know its not the line.
I think I solved the problem!

I deacivated my 10/100 intergrated controller in my device manager.

I think it was trying to interupting my modem. I have not had this problem since!

Hope this helps others with similar problems.

espresso :) :up:
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