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Determining PSU compatibility

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Hey all,

Not very knowledgable on the hardware side of things. I'm looking to buy a 500W PSU but I need to make sure it's compatible with my current setup, of course. I have my old PSU here for referrence so if anybody could guide me to what information I need to find the right type I would be very grateful. The only thing I know is that it's a "Standard" PSU apparently.

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what does it say on your old psu? The main things you have to determine are is it atx. Is it atx 12v? Is your motherboard 20pin or 24pin? And also of course a list of all your hardware would tell you if 500w is sufficient.
You could run something like everest home to get all the info or maybe just do a print screen of system information and post it. Start/programs/accesories/system tools/system information. Actually no, that wont tell us enough. download everest And install it. Then click computer then summary. Expand the window and do a print screen. Post this here.
Compliers got a point Gibbs. Is there anything wrong with your current psu? If you need one i'll find some for you shortly that are compatable. By the way not too keen on your flag behind the lion!!:D
I'm sure that as a glaswegian you would love to see that replaced with the St George's cross though
Oh please Mercy Mercy. lol. Anyway ok If i remember right i think your psu i atx 12v 20pin. Most new psu's now come in 20+4pin which means they're compatable with both type boards so if you get one of those also you can then use it on another pc if your current one dies on you for instance. Because i think all atx boards now are 24 pin. Now psu's in our lovley gb are a lot more expensive that our colonial cousins have to pay so you'll probably get guys on here telling you you can get this one or this one for such and such money but it's a lot motre difficulot this side of the pond trust me. However someone posted this one on this very forum a few days ago and it certainly is a very good deal. It's not outstanding spec but it's fairly decent and it's a quality brand with more than adequete power for your current setup. Personally if i was you i would grab this with both hands quick as you can cos beleive me deals for psu's over here are few and far between. It's also a decet site. Let us know what you do. Good Luck! Max.
Bigbear beat me to it.
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