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Determining PSU compatibility

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Hey all,

Not very knowledgable on the hardware side of things. I'm looking to buy a 500W PSU but I need to make sure it's compatible with my current setup, of course. I have my old PSU here for referrence so if anybody could guide me to what information I need to find the right type I would be very grateful. The only thing I know is that it's a "Standard" PSU apparently.

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This is my old CPU.

Model: ATX 500W

AC I/P 115/230V 6A/3A 60/50HZ

QC PASS has 2004 and 10 marked. Sorry for my ignorance, does that help?
Isn't it possible to determine the type I need just with my old PSU? I thought it would be easier too...

Edit: It's a MAGNA ATX 500W PSU
CPU: AMD Athlon 64 3200+
Mainboard: ASUS K8S-MX-EAYZ (X Series)

What else is needed?
I would say no more then $40USD... (I really don't know how much PSU's cost but i'm fairly certain they aren't too expensive).
The current PSU is at tops 300W. The one i'm referring to is my old one, which I cheaply replaced hence why i'm looking for a better one. $40 was a rough idea as i've never really purchased a decent PSU so I can go higher.

Oh and the avatar. I don't usually use flags full stop but the lion is so hawt :p I'm sure that as a glaswegian you would love to see that replaced with the St George's cross though ;)
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