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Desktop Numeric Keypad inoperative

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Model: eMachines ET1161-07
Part number (on carton): PT.NAD0X.002
Processor: AMD Athlon 4050e Dual Core
Processor Speed: 2.10GHz
HDD: 320 GB
OS: Windows Vista Home Premium 32-bit
Graphics card: GeForce 6150 nForce 430
Purchased May 2009 off-the-rack

Installed MS Ergo Keyboard 4000 & software. This keyboard was fully functional on another system previously. Numeric keypad on new emachines desktop machine works only when logging on to Windows and then does not register numbers or functions on any other software or on web.

When system was ~3 weeks old, I downloaded & installeded free REVO Uninstaller utility and removed all pre-loaded crapware, incl. Microsoft "trial" Office products and "trial" Norton 360. Downloaded & installed AVAST! anti-virus.

Then downloaded & installed free CCleaner utility & cleaned registry, then defragged.

I do not remember if numeric keypad worked prior to these changes or not.

So, I uninstalled MS Ergo keyboard software and installed OEM emachines keyboard. Still no numeric keypad functionality, except logging on to Windows.

(Note: yes, I have numlock on!)

Please help!
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I suggest there is the possibility that "cleaning" the registry with CCleaner, or any other registry cleaner for that matter, may be the culprit. I don't know that to be a fact in your case, just a possibility. CCleaner is default set to make a backup of what it removes from the registry if you elected to leave that feature enabled. If you do indeed have a backup, it may be helpful to reinstall it. At the very least, the process will eliminate that from the list of possible causes.

Registry cleaners have been known to list an item as a problem which turns out to be needed for some other unknown function. Additionally, the potential benefit of running a registry cleaner is nebulous at best. For these reasons, they are generally not recommended by experienced members on this forum

Thanks Mr. bro. I suspected the possibility exists that my uninstaller utility, while deleting MS Office "trial" products, may have taken with it stuff Microsoft embeds that may affect essential OS functions.

Further, I actually wondered if the registry cleaner may have "cleaned" something important while taking out the trash.

Thus far, everything in my system and all its software and hardware work just fine. As far as I know, nothing else has been affected.

I will try to investigate the CCleaner records and see if there's something I can recognize as an essential function that was removed, and restore it. I may be out of my depth here, though.

Any other thoughts are still appreciated.

Have you double checked that the numbers key is unlocked?
If you use CCleaner again, uncheck the regedit. Program is excellent as long as the regedit is disabled. I have used it for a long time.
Just thought,
When you go into device manager is there a yellow triangle with a ! or ? in it?
If there is right click on it, select properties, remove then reboot the computer and let windows reinstall it.
If there is no triangle, right click on the keyboar, select properties, update driver.
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