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Desktop icons and icons everywhere else

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Here's one stumping me. I'm running WindowsME with 255MB RAM. I have my mouse pointer settings to single click on the icons. Why do my desktop icons dissappear and my webpage icons look funny?
Thanks in advance.
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Not completely sure if I understand your problem but first try this and let us know if it fixes it.

Click on Start>Settings>ControlPanel>FolderOptions>View.

Now Select "Show Hidden Files and Folders". Also, I don't have Windows ME in front of me but if you see a setting to "Hide Protected Operating System Files and Folders, Un-select it. Now click on Apply.

Now do this

Click on Start>Find>Files, key in Shelliconcache and press enter. When it's found, right click on it and select Delete. Now restart Windows. That will force Windows to rebuild your desktop shell icon cache file.

Let us know what happens.
Thank you Bryan,
that fixed the problem.
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