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Desktop Icon Shortcuts for Word, Excel don't work

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I posted this question on MS Forums yesterday and received an e-mail that there was a response. The link to the post did not work and I find no response under my post. I'm hoping that Tech Guy is much better.

The desktop icons for both .doc and .xls files give error message that
program cannot find the file. Word or Excel opens and then I can click on
the icon and file will open or they will open from the open menu within the
program. They have worked in the past but suddenly stopped. Deleting the
icon shortcut and resending it from explorer do the same. I have run Norton
Registry Cleaner and no change.
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Welcome to the TSG forums.
Have you tried doing a system restore?
If you spend a bit of time browsing the forums you will notice that most of us recommend NOT using a registry cleaner. They can cause many problems. Much more than they help.
Post back and let us know how the restore goes.

Vicks, thanks for the quick reply. I have noticed the suggestion to do a system restore but this has been going on for a least a week and I've added a lot of 'stuff' to my computer in this time. I will be reading more here as time goes by and I'm curious to know more about why a registry clean is a bad idea. Sounds good, doesn't it? It seems weird that a simple thing like a shortcut that has the correct parameters does not function and that there is not something less drastic than a sytem restore. It is only happening with MS Office files of Word and Excel so I'm guessing it's an Office glitch from something missing.

Like I said above, I think you will find a lot of problems with files, programs etc caused by using registry cleaners.
Perhaps, you need to reinstall MS office.....
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