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Desktop Icon Issue w/Media Center

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Alright, well I have a Media Center PC, and the icons always on my desktop only showed the words. This is kind of hard to explain, but now there is a blue box in which the words are in. For Example, My Computer. Before that is all you would see under the little icon; now you see a blue box with white words inside of it saying My Computer. I messed around with all the view properties with no luck.

This whole thing happened to me today after I got some spyware. I have gotten rid of it, but still cannot get my desktop icons the way they were before.

Any ideas?
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You can try Press the Windows Logo key + Pause Break key together and in the new window click Advanced then under Performance click Settings ..make sure everything is ticked in the list

If it is then untick use drop shadows for Icons labels on the desktop click OK

Then go back and re-tick it and click OK.
Also look here.

Right click on a empty place on the desktop and choose Properties then Desktop tab

Ten Customize Desktop button then Web tab and make sure nothing is selected in there.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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