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Desktop appears as solid colour; should be image.

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This just happened a few hours ago. My desktop background is displaying the default XP grey colour. However, I have my background set to an image.

The image is there. When I load it up, it flashes on the desktop, but then the colour returns - almost as if the picture is hiding underneath the solid colour.

I have tried restarting my computer. Doesn't work.

And yes, the image is still on my computer. I've tried many other pictures as test, even the windows default ones, and the same thing happens - just get solid colour.

Any ideas?
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Not sure if this will be the cause, but try right clicking on desktop, select properties.
Click on the desktop tab then customise desktop.
Click on the 'general' tab andwhere it has 'My Current Home Page' with a tick box next to it, click it - so that if it's ticked you untick it and if it isn't ticked you tick it.

A long shot but worth a try..
Thanks! Wasn't it, but it lead me to my problem. I had another page listed there and it was selected. I deleted it and my destop image is back.
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