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Dell overclock

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I am turning a dell OptiPlex 7010 SFF that has an intel i5, into a server and I need to overclock it. I am using windows 10 right now and the dell bios doesn't have any options for overclocking. the cooling is amazing so I'm not worrying about that. I need an overclocking software or even a hacked bios! (if I get really desperate.) I also need it to be free because I have no money right now and I am also going to do a little CPU mining on it too.
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I owned several Dell OptiPlex 7010 minitower's before I re-did and donated them.
There was no ability in their Dell-branded motherboard BIOS to overclock them.

You didn't provide a description of the Intel Core i5 processor or the other hardware in your SFF.
You may be able to upgrade some of its hardware to improve speed and snappiness.

I'm not an overclocking or hardware expert, so I'll pass to those here who are.
It's my guess though you're in for a losing battle.

Intel has a tool Extreme Tuning Utility. If the BIOS/hardware permits the utility to function, it really does allow a wealth of settings to be tweaked. With that said, I wouldn't expect a server motherboard to allow much in the way of overclocking. You might find some settings in the BIOS that permit some overclocking. In general, servers are not designed for overclocking the same as desktop motherboards are. Servers are designed with as much stability as possible because of the very nature of the workload they have. A little gain in performance isn't worth the chance that the central office email server or local file and print server crashed because of an unstable overclock.

What you might try is find out what processors the motherboard will accept, and see if you can find a faster CPU that is plug-in ready. You might be able to score a faster processor or even faster memory on eBay.
Just Google for 'Dell overclocking software' .
While it is technically possible to overclock a dell, you are fighting a losing battle. Dell motherboards just do not have the heavy duty components ie heavy duty pw regulation, heavy duty capacitors, extra chipset cooling, etc, etc that are needed for a stable overclock.
Attempting to overclock a dell is an exercise in futility; somewhat analogous to attempting to hot rod a yugo.

If you really, really want to do this, you need to edit the bios so that overclocking settings are no longer hidden. Unless you are able to edit the bios yourself, this is NOT going to be cheap. Having a programmer custom write a bios for you would probably cost you WAY more than getting a real motherboard that has performance options ie overclocking options.

I wrote a number of custom bios for abit, epox, and asus motherboards many years ago and while it is not extremely difficult, it does require at least a reasonably high level of skill. This is one of those things that IF you have to ask how to do it, you do not have the necessary skill level to accomplish the task.
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Attempting to overclock a dell is an exercise in futility; somewhat analogous to attempting to hot rod a yugo.
That's very cleverly put, and spot on.
Where I used to work we probably had 3~4000 dell computers. They did a fine job for what they were designed to do ie general office stuff, crew training, record keeping, etc however I would NEVER think of trying to overclock one.
We didn't have that many, but enough that overclocking any one of them just wasn't even thought. The one thing that people that don't handle server farms don't understand is the impact of virtualization. The hardware got so thin, and memory and disk so cheap, that it was nothing to take a physical server and virtualize any number of guest servers. Now try to overclock that host, have it crash or become unstable, and every one of those guest servers is now also crashing. Then the phone starts to ring, the mobile phone starts to ding and vibrate ... and users are really annoyed. And worse, have it happen while you're sleeping! It's just not worth the headache.
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