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Dell Inspiron 510M 1.25Gb running XP Home - have been around PCs since early 80s so generally know my way around. I think problem is more a Windows app software installation breakage.

Issue is that after recent reboot, I have no built-in keyboard or trackpad. An external USB mouse works fine but external USB keyboard does not. "Device Manager" shows yellow exclamation mark. (Computing with a mouse and the on-screen mouse-enabled keyboard is a tad slow !)

This has happened once before & despite valiant attempts, the only thing that worked was a restore to (after 2 attempts) the earliest restore point still available. I had tried reinstalling drivers and a repair install but neither worked.

Due to my probably poor habit of ignoring those app software requests to reboot after an update/install, combined with my long periods between reboots (I use hibernate), I suspect that there was a line of apps with "run once on reboot" instructions to perform. And this time, the earliest restore point is after my last good reboot so restore did not save me this time. Partly as I have been hammering the laptop heavily recently.

Device manager shows the following for "keyboard" and "trackpad" : "A driver (service) for this device has been disabled. An alternate driver may be providing this functionality. (Code 32)"

This seems to suggest that maybe some other software has installed a filter (or something) to capture these devices. I suspect Sun's VirtualBox is a good candidate but other possibilities since I last had a good reboot are Java Runtime, OpenOffice 3.1.1. The 1st time this problem happened, I also tried uninstalling everything I could think of that may have changed but this did not work either.

I suppose I am looking for any idea (apart from the disastrous re-install everything) how I can detect what driver is using the hardware or maybe what registry setting needs to be tweaked to overcome the issue.

I am persistent as it worried me last time and is likely to happen again. I have alternative PC facilities but I need this laptop back in action within the next 2 weeks. If not, the re-install will have to be Windows 7 - not going back to XP now.
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