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Dell inspiron n5110

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Hi ,
So i have a problem with my dell n5110, i just download a win 7, 64-bit , and my lab's files is nowhere .I went to the dell website and was going to download the files but there are a lot . i don't know what is good to my lab ,and what to do ?!!!
to help u a little :
my OS is Win. 7 64-bit and right now i really need help to start my work
thanks in advance (^_^)

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i just download a win 7, 64-bit
where did you download this from ?
I download windows 7 64-bit from Microsoft " something has to do with my study and MSP in my university but that is not the problem . i need to set my dell files .. i have non and don;t know what to download from the dell website - there are too many files - .
What files are you talking about? What does "set my dell files" mean? What are you "lab's files"?
I mean
the Audio files
the Chipest
the communication

the files that you need to install on your laptop to use its hardware like the audio or the internet>
the files are supposed to be downloaded from website after i choose my laptop
You're referring to drivers. I can't find anything about a computer with the model "n5110". Go to Dell's website, and enter your service tag. That will take you to the driver download page.
my laptop is Dell Inspiron 15R N5110, and i found the page in dell website.
What i am asking is what should i download exactly ?!! Do i download all the files or what ?!, I don't know It's the first time I do that so i'm lost
Start with the chipset drivers. Then start installing for the other hardware components. Everything that shows up as an unknown device in Device Manager needs a driver.
ok thanks a lot and sorry for the trouble :D
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