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Dell 760 - FL Studio 12 HELP!

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Hi Guys,

Just wondered if anyone can give me a heads up on sound cards for the Dell 760.

Basically my computer is struggling atm running FL Studio 12 so i was debating getting another, here's a listing i found on eBay which seems to meet all the spec .. (item number 131634755351).

The main thing i need to know is about the sound card. On FL Studio requirements it states - Sound card with directsound drivers, compatible with ASIO/ASIO2 for recording.

Here's a link of what i need if any body fancys looking :)

I have seen (i think) sound cards for the DELL 760 but want to be sure that they will fit if i do require to add an additional to the basic one installed.

So the route of my question is will this be ok to run the software on its installed sound card? and if i do require a additional sound card for output for example the (sound Blaster Z) would this fit or be adpatable?

Would be great if you could help me..

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At the moment i will not be using this to plug in mic's or instruments, only for basic EDM production and output speakers...
If it is a small form factor Optiplex 760, there are no slots for a sound card.
What's the "service tag" number and/or "express service code" number on that Dell OptiPlex 760?

Which case size do you have?
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Which Windows version(XP, Vista, 7, 8/8.1) and bit number(32, 64) is it running?

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Sounds as though its not going to work after speaking to others but thanks for all of your help.

Im going to upgrade to a gaming computer, more speed etc. Thanks for the speedy replies.

Speak to you all soon!!
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